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What one needs to know


What is the problem?


What is the solution ?


What are the options ?


Who will help ?

  • Writer's pictureDr. Shriniwas Deshpande

Questions that need to be asked before surgery

  1. What is the specific procedure that will be performed?

  2. What are the potential risks or complications associated with the surgery?

  3. How long is the recovery time and what is the expected outcome?

  4. Who will be performing the surgery and what is their experience and qualifications?

  5. Are there any alternative treatments available?

  6. What are the costs of the surgery, including any potential additional costs for complications or extended recovery?

  7. Will I need to take any special precautions or make any lifestyle changes before or after the surgery?

  8. How soon can I expect to return to normal activities following the surgery?

  9. How will the surgery be done? (minimally invasive, traditional, or robotic)

  10. How long will the surgery take and will I have to stay overnight in the hospital?


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