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For example, let us look for common causes of pain in the abdomen. The search will retrieve multiple causes for it.  They could range from simple gas or worm infestation to Gall stone, Kidney stone, obstructed hernia or even cancer. The interesting part to know is, most of the hernia present only as swelling and don't present with pain unless it is complicated, obstructed or strangulated. 

Let me mention some GI Surgery now. The name itself is quite long to speak out in one breath. The Branch of Gastrointestinal surgery is a very exhaustive one. It deals with various diseases of the digestive tract and their surgical treatment. ​Some ailments like appendicitis, Gall stones, Cancer, Jaundice, Ulcer disease, Piles, Colitis and hernia are well known to the general population. These diseases are just a small part of the branch Gastrointestinal Surgery. In my field, I use Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, Open Surgery, Minimal invasive surgery, Cancer surgery, Laser Surgery, stapler surgery and many such similar techniques to give relief to the patient. (You may now agree why brevity is an uphill task for the medical field)

As on today, with the powerful technology of deep learning, use of Convolutional Neural Networks and large datasets, symptom checkers are developed which give fairly close answers. It is close but not entirely accurate. At the moment, One should take it as a guiding tool rather than the Last word from the field.

One needs to crunch the medical knowledge base to give precise, conclusive output in a few milliseconds.  Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are helping us go closer to this goal. 

Have we reached perfection in achieving it? Not completely, at the moment. But the answer could be just around the corner. 

Until then we need to rely on local medical intelligence and medical practice experience, to some extent.

It is desired not to overwhelm the website visitor with all the information in one go. I respect the individual visitor's interest, your interest. You need to get information about your own problem. The problem and its most acceptable or standard solution.

In view of that, I have limited pages only to common illnesses. Every effort is made to make the content useful and brief.

You may contact me for the detailed information on related topics. I will open up links to the related webpages as per the needs. 

For your convenience, I have posted a QR code through which genuine patient can connect to my WhatsApp number directly. 

Open the camera on your mobile device and hold it up to that QR code. Of course, please don't use it for an emergency. ​Same number 9822067607 can be used to send me the earlier reports.






Welcome to the Samarth Clinic Website. 

I am Dr Shriniwas Deshpande.

In present times,  Use of the internet is quite common. Online Google searches give us information on any topic at a click of a button.

The moment one feels little unwell, it is natural to use google for a clue. The queries commonly made are on the following lines.

'I am feeling unwell. Here is ​what (XYZ ABC) I am feeling'. 

Now tell me 'What is wrong with my body ?' 

'Do I need to go to a doctor?' if yes, then

'is it serious?

'Which speciality?'

'Who is near-closest to me ?'

'Is his clinic open? '

'Who is the best in the area? '

'('Who is the best in the City? Who is the best in India? Who is the Best in the world'?...) 

We expect Google to answer them accurately. Most of the times it satisfies our needs. 

It is so convenient.

Most of the times the search fetches heaps of information. We can never go through all of them in one go. But we get the rough idea, a larger picture. Sometimes if one digs deeper, he is directed to the reliable info while at some other times there is a chance to be misinformed.  

Most of the times sheer amount of information on any symptom or the disease is so exhaustive that the reader is easily overwhelmed.  Confident tall claims and the complex medical jargon makes the understanding harder. The situation worsens when one is not able to filter out the good quality information from the clutter.

To unsuspecting eyes, It all appears quite reliable.  After spending a reasonable time in front of the screen fishing around, one gives up.

There is one more issue. These days search engines and social media platforms use algorithms which take us to a kind of echo chambers.

The websites which 'we might like' or the people' who think our way', are presented to us on the platter. These echo chambers keep on  (falsely) validating our old beliefs. 

It is not always easy to leave that zone and seek more accurate information proactively. 

In spite of these issues,  all is not lost. Internet is full of good quality information as well. If one makes an extra effort and apply critical thinking, it is possible to reach a good source of information. Many Internationally reputed Hospitals, doctors and portals upload trustworthy information. 

There is one common weakness of these resources. Most of them lack brevity. Of course, there is a strong reason for it.

It is not easy to be comprehensive and brief at the same time. It is especially true with the diseases and their treatment.


Samarth Clinic

Dr. Shriniwas Deshpande MS Samarth Clinic
Herekar Park Building, Rajyog, B3, First Floor, Near Kamala Nehru Garden, off Bhandarkar road, ErandPune, Maharashtra411004IN
Phone: 919822067607 Website:
Dr. Shriniwas Deshpande MS Samarth Clinic
Herekar Park Building, Rajyog, B3, First Floor, Near Kamala Nehru Garden, off Bhandarkar road, ErandPune, Maharashtra411004INdocshri
Phone: 919822067607 Website: